The Love Algorithm: A Revolutionary, Scientific Way to Find Love

Dubbed as “The Love Algorithm” by TMM, St. Louis Scientist, Rashid Amini, has created a Revolutionary, Scientifically Based, App That Makes Predictions and Suggestions for Finding Love.

Rashid Amini, a former NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Systems Engineer, has developed Nanaya, a ground-breaking new app, which can help people gain insight into their love lives. Nanaya has participants answer a series of questions. The app then provides a report, making suggestions and providing information to the person. This is not just another online dating or matchmaking program. It’s a carefully designed app that uses algorithms to predict your odds of finding love, where and when it will happen, the best time to settle down, and more.

Join us as Rashid discusses this new revoluitionairy way to find love. Will it work better than online dating? Tune in to find out more.

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