#272: The 3 Mistakes Successful Women Make That Repel Love

Valerie Greene is a unique relationship mentor who helps women inspire their man to fulfill their deepest needs and desires. She helps women and couples create a secure emotional CONNECTION--not just problem-solving or communication skills. She has been coaching for over 12 years, and holds numerous certifications in coaching, NLP, and emotional healing modalities. She has shared her free e-guide with thousands of women, called “Man-ifest Lasting Love.”

You can download yours to activate the ONE simple secret that will draw a man closer and inspire his love, adoration, and devotion, no matter where your relationship is now! http://www.coachvaleriegreene.com/eguide

Join us as Valerie Greene shares the 3 Mistakes Successful Women Make That Repel Love and the Simple Formula to Have the Relationship of Your Dreams NOW!

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