Dreaming In 3D The Prismajic Immersive Arts Duo Give The Cliff Notes On How To Engineer A FairyTale

Being in partnership to co-create a world requires such a rare harmonious blending of talent, generosity, and fierce commitment to principles that it might seem implausible or rather a fairytale and yet...... the success of Prismajic reveals that there are very clear paths to get there. Join me as we investigate the nuances of manifesting large scale installations, reveal undercurrents and subtle messaging that adds up to permission to play, honoring your boundaries, and exposing your vulnerabilities for the greater good. There might also be some teasers for what comes next. 
Jennifer Mosquera Co-Founder and Chief Creative at Prismajic. Creator of worlds and experiences. Explorer of ideas and new paradigms. My mission is to use the power of art to change how we see ourselves and the world. Animal lover, gardener, tinkerer, and hopeful dreamer.
Eric Jaenike is an entrepreneur with a focus on business development, strategic planning, and strategic finance. A partner and co-founder of Prismajic, experiential, immersive art, and entertainment company. 
Prismajic is a company that creates immersive experiences with the intention of changing how we see the world and ourselves. Our latest experience, Shiki Dreams, is an immersive art experience that explores dreams and beauty while invoking a sense of peace and calm. 


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