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Evita Sawyer and Masturbation

Welcome to another amazing episode of where our very own host Gaia Morissette...

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Show Notes

Welcome to another amazing episode of where our very own host Gaia Morissette is going to take you through a steamy conversation with our guest for today who is none other than Evita Sawyer. She is a sex and nonmonogamy educator, a blogger, and so much more, and today, she is going to give us a sneak-peek into her journey of self-pleasure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She has always considered herself to be a sexual human being who is intrigued by the possibilities and diversities of self-pleasure. Identifying one’s own method of self-contentment is her mantra to a happy life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sit back and listen as Evita describes to us all about her first experiences from wanking to watching porn and also getting caught. Talking about her allurement towards power dynamics and what finally drew her to become a sex and non-monogamous educator is what today’s episode is all about. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the end, she shares her secret to a more exciting life with all her listeners. Stay tuned for this and much more on Tickle.Life Podcast, intersectional style. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Evita Sawyers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evita Lavitaloca Sawyers (she/her, they/them) is a queer polyamorous speaker and educator living in Southern, CA. She’s the subject of the documentary “Poly Love” on Amazon about her first polyamorous relationship. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She has been featured on several podcasts including Inner Hoe Uprising and appeared on an Irish special mini-series on monogamy with Vogue Williams. Known for her humorous and candid wisdom on non-monogamy and how to navigate it, she’s passionate about sharing her experience as a black queer non-monogamous woman/person and how those identities intersect in her life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She’s also a mother, a witchy woman, an accomplished knitter and crocheter, and a psychedelic enthusiast working to become a psychedelic facilitator for people of color, LGBTQ people, and women. She’s also an aspiring death doula. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find her on: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PolyLove on Amazon: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reach out to us at for any information, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ticklelife and Facebook @tickledotlife ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for more sex positive podcasts? Discover some great ones we have curated at

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