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Angel - Intro to Polyamory

Angel aka ProfessorSex - Intro to Polyamory...

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Show Notes

Angel (aka: Professor Sex) is a queer, non-binary, ACS Certified Sex Educator, research sexologist, certified sexual assault victims advocate, and author. Angel has more than 10 years’ experience as a sexuality educator. This episode is about Polyamory. Polyamory literally means many loves (poly = many, amory = loves). It is a version of consensual, ethical non-monogamy that refers to engaging in (or being open to engage in) multiple, simultaneous romantic relationships. Sometimes there’s sex, sometimes there isn’t. There are almost as many ways to do or be polyamorous as there are people who call themselves poly, but the unifying keys are ethical behavior and consent. Listen to the episode and find out more from the wonderful conversation between ProfessorSex and Tickle.Life host, Gaia Morrissette.


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