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Show Notes

Empress Gaia shares the explanation about her frolicky and frisky nature. On EP 247 of My Orgasmic Life Podcast with BDSM Wellness Specialist and High Priestess Empress Gaia Morrissette talks about her connection to the divine/the universe.
Content Warning : Swearing, Laughter, Woo, Magick, New Age, Spirituality

Gaia Covers on today show:
* What makes her real and authentic
* Shares the importance of accepting the spiritual aspect of being you
* Shares her experience with spending time with her magical species

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Gaia Morrissette offers so many awesome ways to help you have an amazing pleasure filled orgasmic life. Gaia many expertise in the areas of sex, relationships, love, BDSM, trauma healing come visit to find the right fit for you.

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Learn more about Gaia Morrissette: Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist, Gaia Morrissette believes the keys to a happy, healthy, wealthy, magical and EPIC orgasmic life is ; Sexual Wellness, Embracing the human experience and releasing fear, shame , guilt and self-loathing. Gaia supports people living with pleasure through Holistic Sexual Wellness, Trauma Recovery. She is also a BDSM Wellness expert, High Priestess and Pro-Dominatrix. For over 12 years she has been a renowned international speaker, trainer, facilitator, podcaster and coach who makes the world a happier, safer and sexier place for us all. Gaia is the founder of, & Succulent living Online Education. Her education and training consist of, sexology, trauma recovery, life coaching, tantra training, sex coaching, and lots of practice in the areas of play, healing, and exploring

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