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For a young woman who grew up in a very conservative-minded country with a large community who fundamentally believed that sex should not be “experimented” with until marriage, things soon became very frustrating – on all levels. Masturbation was a big No No – unless, of course, you wanted to go blind. Despite the supposed consequences, my insatiable curiosity took the risk. I can happily say I am still in very good health and have all my senses about me. I moved to London in my late 20s. The world was my oyster – or so I thought. I can distinctly remember the first (and only) time I snuck into a sex shop in SOHO. I was ready to shop! All I left with was my head hanging in shame and embarrassment when I left the shop, hoping no one would see me. I had to find an alternative. Et voilà, the Internet emerged, like the Phoenix out of the fire! I have never looked back since. Discretion and privacy, all in the comfort of my own home.

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