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David Levy

David Levy graduated from St. Andrews University, Scotland, in 1967, and then taught practical classes in computer programming at Glasgow University for four years, before moving into the world of business and professional chess playing and writing. He wrote more than thirty books on chess, won the Scottish Championship, and was awarded the International Master title by FIDE, the World Chess Federation, in 1969. In 1968 David started a bet with four Artificial Intelligence professors that he would not lose a chess match against a computer program within ten years. He won that bet, and it was 21 years before he was defeated in a match by a forerunner of IBM’s Deep Blue program. Since 1977 David has been involved in the development of many chess-playing and other programs for consumer electronic products. David’s interest in Artificial Intelligence expanded beyond computer games into other areas of AI, including human-computer conversation, and in 1997 he led the team that won the Loebner Prize competition in New York. He won the Loebner Prize again in 2009. His fiftieth book, Love and Sex with Robots, was published in November 2007, shortly after he was awarded a PhD by the University of Maastricht for his thesis entitled Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners. Since then he has continued his research in this subject and into other aspects of the future of robotics. For 26 years David was President of the International Computer Games Association. His hobbies include classical music and playing chess online. He lives in London with his wife and their cat.

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