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Since the mid-1980s Davecat has been fascinated by and romantically attracted to gynoids; i.e, robots resembling human women. As gynoids are not yet available to the consumer market he decided to start with a RealDoll, and in 2000 he acquired the love of his life - Sidore Kuroneko, from Abyss Creations. Since then the two of them have been practically inseparable. For more than twenty years Davecat and Sidore, occasionally joined by Elena Vostrikova, Miss Winter, and Dyanne Bailey - three other Dolls from various manufacturers with which they share a polyamorous relationship - have been attempting to change the public’s perception of artificial companions for the better, through multiple podcast appearances, blog interviews, documentaries, and television segments. Davecat is also attempting to archive as much gynoid-related information and media as possible - androids, Dolls, and the people who love them - as he believes this particular subculture and lifestyle has not yet been properly documented.

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