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The Buck-off™ - The official Buck Angel® stroker is the first product designed specifically for transmen to engage in stroking fun. Every man loves to stroke, but not every man is the same. We engineered this using Buck’s vision for how the product should feel and fit. Buck has a mission to help transmen become comfortable with their bodies, and the Buck-off is an exceptional product for achieving this.

Made with Perfect Fit’s ultra-soft SilaSkin™ the Buck-off is so pleasurable to touch it is addictive. This is Buck’s signature toy sized for the transman who has started transition. As Buck says "Loving your new body is what it’s all about.” Manufactured by Perfect Fit in collaboration with Buck Angel to produce the first trans male pleasure product designed for trans men by a trans man!


"Here’s my buck off review… I’d definitely recommend buying it. It’s shape is very easy to hold in one hand, no matter how you’re positioned. I’m 1 year on T with average growth (too lazy to measure). The opening is about the size of my thumb and was very easy to get my junk in there. It felt awesome. My girlfriend and I were laughing out asses off because it makes a lot of wet slurpy noises. If you’re easily distracted, like i am, put music on. It takes a bit of practice to use but after a few attempts, I was able to get good suction. It feels amazing. I’d rather the ridges go all the way to the opening, but it felt damn good. I was able to jerk the toy in a stroking fashion, but don’t pull it too hard. The suction fails and you have to fight with it all over again. Stroking it in or out, up and down, feels great. I was able to put a bullet in the top and made the entire thing vibrate. I have to say, that was the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had, while jerking off in my lifetime. That surprised the hell out of me. I’ve heard a lot of concerns about not having enough growth. I’d recommend it to any guy at any stage of their transition. Pre-T guys may have a bit of trouble because it can be a little bulky. You can always turn it inside out and use the ridges to get off. The ridges are great… I’d rate it a 4 out of 5 stars… for it being the 1st trans masculine stroker of it’s kind, it’s well worth the money." - Reviewer on Buck's social media

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