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Specialty Certificate in Hypnosis for Community Wellness

Price: $1500.00

Prerequisite: Social justice/healthcare activism, street medic work, or social work and/or healthcare.  
Hypnosis is a skill you can learn to improve relaxation and reduce stress. It’s also so much more than this! Simple hypnosis skills can be learned, used, and shared by individuals, families, and community groups to promote health and wellness, as a form of mutual aid and collective empowerment. 
150 hour/15 week online course. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of this course. 
Many people and communities are adversely affected by social, political, economic, and legal inequities. As a “complementary and alternative” modality, hypnotism can be used to alleviate stress and promote health and wellness, and provide assistance in managing pain and some aspects of specific medical and emotional conditions. Hundreds of scientific studies prove the value of hypnosis for many conditions, used alone or with other healing treatments. 
As a Community Health Hypnotist, you will have many opportunities to share and teach hypnosis in your communities. 
Scholarships may be available. 
Please note: this course does not certify you as a professional hypnotist.

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