The Art of the Hook-Up - Georgie Wolf - Paperback
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The Art of the Hook-Up - Georgie Wolf - Paperback

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The hook-up culture is bigger than ever, but few of us are getting exactly what we want. 'How do I know if someone is right for me? How do I flirt without being creepy? How can I avoid feeling anxious in the bedroom? Is it okay to walk away afterward?' These questions, and more, have us stumped.

In this straightforward guide, Aussie escort Georgie Wolf offers practical strategies for casual sex and online dating. She shows how communication, consent, and connection can put you ahead of the competition at every stage of the hook-up process.

No lectures. No gimmicks. Just basic skills anyone can use. A good hook-up means finding the right partners, negotiating amazing sex, and leaving everyone better off. Let’s get started making that happen.


Georgie Wolf is a Melbourne escort and writer, with a passion for guiding others towards more successful sex lives. From wild flings to polyamorous relationships, she's done it all. Beginning her adventures as a photographer for the infamous Sydney Hellfire Club, she has also shot nude pin-ups for adult magazines and worked as an adult store salesperson. Georgie uses her decade of experience as a Melbourne escort to help everyone do better at sex and relationships.


'Wolf gives a confidence boost to anyone looking to deliver a mind-blowing performance in the bedroom. No-nonsense advice from Australia's most authentic sex expert... and the perfect gift for your next Tinder match!'
Alita Brydon, founder of Bad Dates of Melbourne

'I recommend the sh*t out of this book. As a sex therapist I spend a lot of time discussing communication skills; the suggestions and examples are perfect, and apply as much to long-term relationships as to hook-ups.'
Linda Kirkman, PhD, sexologist

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