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Amplify Your Orgasm - Michael Charming - Kindle Edition

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A Practical Guide for Women and Men on How to Have More Orgasm

Orgasm, we know it all. But do we? We all want to have it, no matter who we are or how old we are. No matter how often we've experienced it before, we still crave more. We spend a large part of our lives desiring sex and pleasure but very little time enjoying it. It doesn't have to be this way!!! This two-part book series draws on the latest in neuroscience, biology, and sexology as well as ancient ways of exploring sex through spiritual practices and energetic bodywork to help the reader explore their body and mind in new and profound ways. The accompanying workbook offers a step by step and practical guide for both women and men on how to lay the foundation for a nourishing connection and deeper, sensational, and intense sex.


Michael helps men and women become more orgasmic, have more nourishing and fulfilling relationships, and more love, happiness, and deeper human connection in their lives. His clients have experienced transformational changes in their lives after bodywork sessions with Michael. Many of his clients have also experienced whole-body orgasms and amazing sensations in different parts of their bodies that were either numbed out or they didn’t even know existed. He is an Award Receiving International Speaker International Best-Selling Author Certified Emotional Detox Bodyworker Certified OM Life Coach Founder of Amplified Orgasmic Meditation (AOM) Author of Amplify Your Orgasm


"I loved that it gave me the language to talk about how my thoughts, emotions, and spiritual wellness affect my experience of orgasm." -Melanie Nuckols

"Even at nearly 53 years old, I am still very interested in learning how to better my enjoyment and that of my partner. I thought I knew anatomy, but I learned a few things, quite surprisingly!" - Dawn

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