The Shepherd and the Nymph: The Erotic Letters of Marco Vassi and Eve Diana (Ebook)
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The Shepherd and the Nymph: The Erotic Letters of Marco Vassi and Eve Diana (Ebook)

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What happens when two people reject the sexual limitations of both society and their own “sensible” inner voices, and choose instead to exult in their shared sexual energy and go wherever that energy might take them?

That’s what celebrated erotic writer and sexual explorer Marco Vassi and Eve Diana decided to find out when they embarked on their passionate, adventurous, yet conflicted seven-month relationship in 1986. The Shepherd and the Nymph is the powerful, intimate, delightfully literary chronicle of that relationship, as recorded in the private letters between these two writers, twenty years apart in age, different from each other in almost every way aside from their shared fascination with sex as a compelling, fundamental aspect of what it means to be fully and unapologetically alive. In addition to being an eloquent tale of personal and sexual exploration, The Shepherd and the Nymph is a vivid reminder of the social upheaval that came to be known as the sexual revolution, a time when all things sexual were seen as possible, intriguing, and magical – and an opportunity for Vassi aficionados to see and understand who Vassi was – his flaws as well as his genius – in ways that go beyond even his most self-revelatory other writings.


Eve Diana describes herself as a passionate mom-writer-dreamer-queer-nerdgeek-activist. She excels at making order out of chaos. She attended Rutgers University where she majored in social work and women's studies. She has worked as a balloon salesman, porn writer, secretary, life class model, sex educator, provider of social services to gay and lesbian senior citizens, and administrative assistant. Her son is her proudest accomplishment. Her writing has been published in Out in the Workplace: The Pleasures and Perils of Coming Out on the Job, The Complete Lesbian and Gay Parenting Guide, Communities Magazine, Genre, Anything That Moves, The Washington Blade, Bi Women Quarterly, Human Digest, Human Advisor, Bedside Advisor, Intimate Letters, Kinks, and Couples Today.

David Steinberg is an author, editor, photographer, and publisher of artistic, imaginative sexual and erotic material, focused on offering sex-positive alternatives to the dominant sexual cultures of fear, denial, and moral judgment. For 15 years he wrote a syndicated monthly column on sex and gender issues, Comes Naturally. Since 1999, he has produced fine art photographs of the intimate sexuality of over 160 couples of all ages, body types, ethnicities, and sexual preferences, attempting to capture on film honest emotional interactions of people engaged in sex. He lives in San Francisco.


"Reading 'The Shepherd & the Nymph' was like a historical journey into the 80's and the sexual paradigm that I was too young to witness at that time. I was surprised at how captivating I found the writing to be from both Marco Vassi and Eve Diana. I am picky when it comes to authors and the vocabulary, writing style, passion & depth exemplified in the letters definitely held my attention. If you want a steamy book, this is definitely one to read! I highly recommend this book. David Steinberg did an excellent job of compiling and editing these fabulous letters!" - Tara C

"This book took me back to a time before a virus changed the world (HIV, in this case) and sex could be so different. It is beautiful, challenging, and so worth reading. Eve Diana is an amazing person. The book is very well produced, with photos that will haunt you after you read their story." - Dion L

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