Sex-Positive Now - Jeremy Shub - Paperback
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Sex-Positive Now - Jeremy Shub - Paperback

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Sex Positive Now is a book for everyone wanting to learn more about being Sex Positive. This collection of writings has the potential to change your life and those around you. It has been written to describe and explain sex positivity from many angles. 

The anthology has something for everyone to learn from. There are so many perspectives, kinky, educational, sex workers, therapists, queer, ecological, feminist and more.

Sex Positive Now is entertaining, informative and diverse. It is designed to be engaging for all types of people, of all ages and stages. This book is a must have for anyone wanting to be sexy with others (even with yourself). It is at the front of a sex affirming movement changing the world.


Jeremy Shub is a certified counsellor, psychotherapist and sexological bodyworker. Jeremy works with people of all genders, sexual orientations, bodies, ethnicities, ages and abilities.


"After reading Sex Positive Now I feel a sense of empowerment that my world is of my own making. I felt like Jeremy and Allena were able to combine the different voices and personalities of the Sex Positive movement. I felt like I was at some massive conference on Sex Positivity. The balance of poetry and creative writing makes it hard to put this book down. Thank you for bringing the rainbow of Sex Positivity to life in your book." - Jessica Piurun-Vernon

"It is a book to keep around and dip into to explore the many aspects of a world that represents sexual and gender freedom. Other chapters on Disability, Gender, Kink, Ecosexuality, Politics and Our Sex-Positive Future are worth delving into." -Julene

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