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Sex Coaching by Coach Lex


I’ll get right down to it…I love sex! Not surprised? Quite a lot of people don’t have the same relationship with sex as I do. Many people suffer challenges with having a satisfying sex life. For some, their challenges are inconveniences, and others suffer challenges so insurmountable that the thought of engaging in sex seems like something simply not meant for them. I’ve had the privilege of working with people on both ends of the spectrum, and have been able to help them achieve a healthy sex life.

I’ve been studying sex for over ten years. I began my studies with a simple mindset. I had decided that I wanted to have sex, so I approached it like any other skill and started doing research so that I could be the best lover I could be. Apparently, this is not the norm. As I was learning about various skills I also began learning about the aspects of sex and sexuality. My curiosity only grew further as I devoured everything I could get my hands on about the topic. I find sex to be one of the most fascinating, complicated, and misunderstood topics of the human experience.

My second passion is communication. It began at the same time as my passion for sex, as the later was absolutely necessary for the prior. I learned about verbal as well as non-verbal communication, gaining skills in understanding and utilizing both. I also spent over two years writing and giving over speeches every week, as well as participating in daily structured debates with the specific goal of understanding all sides of people’s arguments. I had the privilege of studying public speaking, and the Harvard Negotiation Project’s methods of negotiation and difficult conversations.

I love to help people gain new skills, overcome their challenges, and especially learn to communicate about the topic of sex.


Sex coaching is a results-focused approach to help people reach their sexual potential. There are multiple forms of sex coaching, including talk-only coaching, body-based coaching, and observational body-based coaching. I provide talk-only coaching. Sex coaching incorporates discussion, using exercises, home assignments, suggested materials and experiences, and more. It is part education and part inspiration, helping you to feel more in touch with your complete self.

Coaching is a highly curated experience. The results you attain are primarily based on what you want to achieve, and the effort you put in.  

Some of the benefits my clients have garnered include: 

  • Learned to communicate their wants and desires to anyone.  
  • How to have difficult conversations with their partners.  
  • Learned how to have sexual satisfaction in a partnership with mismatched libidos.  
  • Learned the skills necessary to satisfy their partners.  
  • Became more connected to their bodies 

Your first session will include a comprehensive sexual history. Then we will dive deeper into your specific concerns. This will be a back and forth conversation wherein I learn about what makes you tick and try to find the best ways to help you. We will end the session by creating an action plan together in order to get you closer to your desired goal(s).  


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