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Relationship Coaching by Kristopher Lovestone


So many of us go through life with no one to talk with that can truly support us in our process surrounding our love lives, and we stay stuck in unhealthy patterns that keep us from ever getting what we really want from our relationships.

Kristopher Lovestone has a plethora of relationship technologies that cut processing time to a third and give real-world results quickly and effectively by changing the rules of the game entirely. He works with singles and couples suffering from relationship exhaustion, emotional paralysis, and empathy starvation…people who understand how powerful it can be to enlist an ally to help them overcome their relational challenges.

Kristopher does not try to keep my clients in the “victim-seat” so that they keep coming back to me forever. Doing that would always keep him in the “rescuer-seat”, which he doesn't find to be a useful educational tool.  Rather, he helps you exit the entire victim/perpetrator/rescuer model to achieve a true state of liberation in your life.


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