Pulse Duo Couple Sex Toy
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Pulse Duo Couple Sex Toy

Price: $149.00


The couples’ sex toy that turns foreplay into the main event. Take foreplay to the next level with PULSE DUO. Combining our patented PulsePlate technology™ with powerful remote-controlled vibrations, this couples’ sex toy can make you both cum hands-free. Its versatile design means it’s the perfect toy for every relationship. PULSE DUO is perfect for couples who want to spice up their sex lives, no matter their age or mobility. Its innovative use of PulsePlate Technology™ makes PULSE DUO the ideal toy when penetration is painful or when an erection cannot be relied upon. It is also completely waterproof, for a bathtub quickie. 

Worn by him, enjoyed by both, PULSE DUO delivers intense hands-free fun, turning foreplay into the main event.

While one partner enjoys the stimulation, the other can seek delight in the intense vibrations emitted from the base of the toy. A simple press of a button on the toy allows you to tailor the vibrations from the powerful PulsePlate, while the remote allows you to adjust the rumbly vibrations coming from the base of the toy. Independent control – combined pleasure.


"Will bring a new rhythm to the way you and your partner heat things up. The unique oscillating vibrations will stimulate both partners, and the remote control adds an element of tease." -Nylon

"We are massive fans of this innovative penis vibrator, and it always induces toe-curling orgasms in both of us." -The Big Gay Review

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