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Life Coaching by Michael Charming


Michael helps men and women become more orgasmic, have more nourishing and fulfilling relationships, and more love, happiness, and deeper human connection in their lives. His clients have experienced transformational changes in their lives after bodywork sessions with Michael. Many of his clients have also experienced whole-body orgasms and amazing sensations in different parts of their bodies that were either numbed out or they didn’t even know existed. He is an Award Receiving International Speaker International Best-Selling Author Certified Emotional Detox Bodyworker Certified OM Life Coach Founder of Amplified Orgasmic Meditation (AOM) Author of Amplify Your Orgasm


Michael Charming is passionate about connecting with people all over the world to help them find a path to healing and personal growth. Of course, each of us has a unique path to take once we make a decision to become more conscious, aware, and present in our lives.

Coaching has two elements: Deep Dive Desire and Relationship Coaching. Coaching services with Michael allow you to get personalized feedback to help you identify your core desires or improve the intimacy and connection in your relationships.


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