Handbook of Sexuality - James C Wadley - Paperback
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Handbook of Sexuality - James C Wadley - Paperback

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The Handbook of Sexuality Leadership brings together education, clinical, research, and advocacy experts from the field of sexology, who each speak of their unique leadership experiences – with diversity and inclusivity in mind – and serve as a medium of empowerment and transformational influence. This innovative compendium illuminates strategic planning, community engagement, and the necessity of working with underserved or marginalized communities using a combination of leadership styles.

Chapters provide tools for risk-taking, organizational improvement, collaborative leadership, and cultural intelligence, as well as strategies to emancipate underrepresented groups and lead systemic change.

With questions for further thought included to provoke critical thinking and initiate transformative conversations, this book will be an essential read for anyone interested in becoming a sexuality consultant or serving in a leadership position.


James C. Wadley, Ph.D., CSTS, is Professor and Chair of the Counseling and Human Services Department at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, USA. He is a licensed professional counselor and AASECT-certified sex therapist and supervisor. Dr. Wadley also maintains a private practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


"While the topics of leadership and sexuality have each received much attention, unfortunately, their intersections have not. Conversely and fortunately, concerning leadership and sexuality, this volume successfully moves the scholarship needle on those understudied intersections. From education and activism to mentoring and more, this volume masterfully reviews what we know, describes what we don’t know, and prescribes what we should know. Kudos on a complex job well done!" – Juan Battle, Ph.D., Presidential Professor, Graduate Center of CUNY, USA

"The Handbook of Sexuality Leadership is a powerful collection of works. It provides a comprehensive and innovative view of what we need to know now in order to advance empowered thought and activism in the fields of sexuality and relationships. It is particularly timely in relation to intersectionality studies, moving scholars and educators concerned about multilevel justice to new revelations about what comes next in personal, partnered, and communal visibility and liberation." – Jeanine M. Staples, Associate Professor of Literacy and Language, African American Studies, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

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