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A Taste of Submission: Darkest Kink - The Secret Submissive Kindle Edition

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“You like the idea of being at my mercy, Sub? Don’t you?” He kissed my neck and made me shudder… “So do I.” “I love the thought. I crave it, Sir… I love the thought of you making me behave for you, Sir. Taking a sweet and innocent girl and turning her into your filthy little sex-slave.”’ Darkest Kink follows an experienced submissive as she tentatively reveals, to her dominant, her desire for consensual non-consent play. Nisha thrives on the pleasure of being pinned under Sir’s strong body with nowhere to run; she aches to relinquish every ounce of control and to submit completely to her master. As her dominant sets the wheels in motion and brings her most depraved vision to life, how will the reality of receiving such brutal treatment compare to the clit-trembling, debauched fantasy which she has longed for but resisted for so many years? A Taste of Submission is a trilogy with Part 1: The Good Indian Girl, Part 2: Discipline Me, and Part 3: Darkest Kink.


The Secret Submissive is a British Indian author of honest and immersive erotic fiction, who was born n' bred in Yorkshire. She is best known for writing A Taste of Submission - a 5-star one-handed-reads collection. TSS uses only the very best parts of the tale to be told, ensuring a fast yet sensuous pace and complete gratification along the way. Taking inspiration from her real-life experiences and desires, TSS explores the thrills and plights of young women, as they explore the daunting yet alluring world of BDSM. She is passionate about communicating the importance of trust, equality and consent, within a relationship, and is a strong advocate for the eradication of abuse under the guise of BDSM. TSS focuses wholly on the special relationship between a submissive and her dominant and the ethereal emotive state of an amateur submissive, during a BDSM session. With this in mind, TSS's stories will always feature healthy Dom/Sub relationships that challenge and reinvent the stereotypes of 'normality' that we are so often fed by society.


"I would like to say it is obvious the author lives in and understands D/s dynamics. This is not a book written by someone who just "fantasizes" about this lifestyle, but lives it day 2 day. This is a very erotic read filled with amazing sex scenes. The characters are so real, you can feel them and you become part of the action and there is nothing to pull you out, except when you realize you have finished the book in one sitting. Go towel off and get this book!!" - Richard Parsons

"If you like stories about dominance and submission read this short work by I think, one of the best writers of this genre. The Secret Submissive has written an excellent story of one woman's surrender of her mind and body to the man she calls Sir." - John

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