TruCup Menstrual Cup

TruCup Menstrual Cup

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About TruCup Menstrual Cup

The bold and colourful TruCup Menstrual Cups, utilised during menstruation, are reusable bell-shaped medical-grade silicone cups which are worn inside the body, emptied every 10-12 hours. They last for up to 10 years, are economical, easy to use & environmentally friendly!
  • Lasts for 8-10 years
  • Eco-friendly
  • No toxins/ chemicals
  • Comfortable & economical
  • Wear for 8-10 hours
  • Made from medical grade silicone;

TruCup is designed in India from 100% medi-grade silicone & dyes that are bio-compatible with the body & do not leech any toxins or chemicals. Our packaging too can be 100% upcycled!

You can choose a size that perfectly fits your requirements:

SMALL is suited for: An active lifestyle, first-time cup users, women with a normal flow, women with both low or high cervix.

LARGE is suited for: Extremely Active Lifestyle, women with a heavy flow, women with high cervix, women who have given birth.


EASY to use: - Sleep, party, exercise, work for 10-12 hours, non-stop - Safely reuse for many many years - Forget wet feels, threat of diseases & myriad chemicals


- Save 80% cost in a lifetime & indulge in PMS-fixer shenanigans
- No pinch to the pocket with TruCup lasting you years
- One-time spend
- Get rid of 12,000 pads/tampons (used by 1 menstruator in a lifetime)
- Naturally found medical grade silicone used in TruCup
- No clogging of drains, polluted land fills or plastic waste

ENABLE menstruators:
- Contribute to educating about periods
- Help combat period poverty in India and other developing countries
Create women entrepreneurs from low-income communities to help unleash their true potential


Choose what's best for YOU. Happy cup-verting!


Package Contents: 1 Menstrual Cup + 1 Cloth Bag + Instruction Manual