Meet Me in St. Louis

IS THIS THE END OF HEART OF PODNESS? Find out in this one-year anniversary celebration(/requiem?)!

Join Will and Marc as they return to the first movie they ever watched for the show - Vincent Minelli's 1944 family musical MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, starring Judy Garland and Margaret O'Brien!

This overstuffed episode answers crucial questions like: Why did Judy Garland say this was the movie she liked herself in the most? Why did a lighting technician get fired from production for attempted murder? Just how disastrous were the 1904 St. Louis Olympics? What don't nice girls do? And is ketchup soup?

Plus: Marc plays the hashtag game, the secret origin of Heart of Podness is revealed, the final #PDSummary is read, and for the second week in a row, Will tries to make up some songs.

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Next week: #TwilightAt10


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