Little Italy (2018)

The place: Canada (possibly Toronto?) 
The time: Unclear! 
The people: Heirs to feuding, next-door pizza restaurants
Their age: No way to know
The logic: Out the window. 
We're talking about the 2018 Hayden Christensen / Emma Roberts romance Little Italy, and all the madness it entails. Join in as we discuss director Donald Petrie's famous family, an incredibly stupid feud, a hotboxed restaurant, and more forbidden romances than the poster promised. 
Plus: How many doorsteps have these kids bombed? Did this movie kill Danny Aiello? What exactly did Nikki want Leo to change about himself? Who thought Luigi was a good idea? And how can we get the Little Italy 4D experience off the ground? 
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Next week: Porco Rosso (1992)


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