In the Heat of the Night

We're finishing up our look at the Best Picture nominees of 1967 with the winner, Norman Jewison's detective potboiler In the Heat of the Night, starring Sidney Poitier as a brilliant detective and Rod Steiger as the racist police chief who needs his help. 
Join in as we look at our favorite movie desserts, this movie's strange marketing, Haskell Wexler's revolutionary cinematography, Quincy Jones's score, a TV spinoff, and obvious comparisons to Green Book. 
Plus: How can Will get rid of VHS tapes? Where does this fit into Poitier's filmography (and political career?!?)? Why was the town's name changed from the one in the book? How did this low-budget film get access to a train? And, most importantly, is the diner going out of business because of Ralph's pie hoarding? 
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Next week: The Towering Inferno (1974)


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