We're back to musicals as we look at Bill Condon's 2006 adaptation of Dreamgirls - the movie that won Jennifer Hudson an Oscar and asked us to believe Beyoncé was a bad singer. 
Join in as we discuss the cultural imprint of American Idol, the film's use of non-diagetic music, the Master Cleanse, and Jamie Foxx's game show Beat Shazam. 
Plus: Why did David Geffen block so many attempts to make this movie? Why is John Lithgow's wig so terrible? Is The Greatest Showman any good? And, most importantly, can Will identify a single iconic girl group song? 
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Next week: I Married a Witch (1942) 
NOTE: Our guest had some technical difficulties this week. We've done our best to salvage the audio, but his contributions are a little muffled. We'll be back on track next week. 


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