A Star is Born (1976)

Will and Marc are off the deep end - will they ever reach the ground?

Find out as they cover the 1976 version of A STAR IS BORN, aka the Barbra Streisand vanity project nobody should ever watch. But you should join in as they discuss remakes, reboots, and relaunches, terrible kisses, water beds, and a musical group called the Oreos.

Plus: Why did Streisand's hairdresser get a producer credit? Why did director Frank Pierson publish an essay bashing his own movie before it came out? Why did star Kris Kristofferson say this project left him "cured of the movies"? (Hint: The answer to all of these questions is "Barbra Streisand.")

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Next week: SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE (1993)


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