Session 212: Exploring Father Daughter Relationships

The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.
We’ve talked here on the podcast about Black women’s relationships with their mothers and many of you have asked us for an expansion of that conversation to discuss relationships with fathers. The term daddy issues is often thrown around, usually callously, to depict the difficulties some believe women have in romantic relationships as a result of the relationship they’ve had with their fathers. Today, we wanted to dig deeper into this to explore how Black women’s relationships with their fathers can impact us. For this conversation we're joined by Nic Hardy. LCSW. Nic and I discussed whether there is an impact on romantic relationships related to our relationship with our fathers, what kinds of qualities lead to healthy father and daughter relationships, healing from a damaged relationship with your father, and he answers some of the questions submitted by community members.
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