214 Embrace Inclusive Practices with Val Day-Sanchez

On the Well Woman Show this week, I talk to Val Day-Sanchez, a professor of communication, social activist, author, TEDX speaker, and intersectional feminist. Dedicated to education, she believes it has the power to combat social justice issues that plague our society. Val is the host of So, What Are You??? a podcast dedicated to amplifying voices that are often marginalized. Val facilitates Equity & Justice Workshops across the country, to help professionals, and organizations, embrace inclusive practices. This inclusive lens is reflected in their culturally responsive teaching, equity-based curriculum design, and college service within Equity centered policy change.
We discuss:
- How her work in racism has changed recently
- That Anti-Racism and Intersectional feminism work is imperative regardless of your race or lifestyle.
- How we can make our schools more anti-racist.
I want to let you know about a special series on the Well Woman show that showcases conversations with black, indigenous and women of color colleagues and friends, and together we explore anti-racism and racial justice - what it means not only in the big picture but how our daily lives are impacted, what we're reading, what we're doing and where we go from here. This special series on anti-racism is part of the #podcastersforjustice campaign.
You can find notes from today's show, links to past episodes of the WWS featuring black, indigenous and women of color as well as a list of resources at wellwomanlife.com/214show (http://wellwomanlife.com/214show).
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