212 Pivot and Transform with Nell Merlino

On the Well Woman Show this week, I talk to Nell Merlino, entrepreneur and activist for the advancement of women and girls. She created Take Our Daughters to Work Day, with the Ms. Foundation for Women in 1993, She then expanded her strategic communications consultancy to develop campaigns, strategies, and events for dozens of clients including the YWCA, Amnesty International, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, and The Sierra Club. In 2000, Nell launched Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, the first online microlender in the world. And this year she has relaunched CountMeIn with $250,000 in grants for small women-owned businesses.

On the show we talk about:

- the pros and cons of the current women's empowerment challenge (#challengeaccepted) on Instagram

-using intuition to pivot and transform your business and which businesses are the most likely to succeed right now

-taking time for pleasure, self-expression and doing your most important and satisfying work when no one is looking

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Listen to Nell's live announcement of the $250k grant giveaway on July 31 at 2 pm EST  https://countmeinrevival.org/ (https://countmeinrevival.org/) .

Links mentioned on the show:

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (https://bookshop.org/books/the-artist-s-way-anniversary/9780143129257)

Interview with Julia Cameron on Well Woman Show: https://wellwomanlife.com/018show/ (https://wellwomanlife.com/018show/)

The Body is Not an Apology (https://bookshop.org/books/the-body-is-not-an-apology-the-power-of-radical-self-love/9781626569768)

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