201: Just Giovanna: How to Know When to Take Action

On the Well Woman Show this week, I discuss how to know when to take action in your life, how to get Aligned Action, and break down 5 different sections.

1. Goal setting & Results planning

2. Productivity Tools

3. Morning/Evening Routine

4. Accountability

5. Energy level - what fuels you?

The Shows I Mention:

Episode 059 (https://wellwomanlife.com/captivate-podcast/058show/)

163 JG Create More Time and Space in Your Schedule (for intimacy, income and impact) (https://wellwomanlife.com/163show)

169 Just Giovanna: Create More Time and Space in Your Schedule part Two (for intimacy, income and impact) (wellwomanlife.com/169show)

188 Just Giovanna: Create More Energy and Focus to Tackle Your 2020 Goals (wellwomanlife.com/188show)

192: Just Giovanna: How to Free Up Time to Tackle Your Goals (wellwomanlife.com/192show)

If you'd like to work on this with me one on one or in a small group, email me at  info@wellwomanlife.com (mailto:info@wellwomanlife.com)  and let's get you started on the path to living your very own Well Woman Life!

All the information shared today can be found at the show notes at  201show (wellwomanlife.com/201show)

You can also continue the conversation in the Well Woman Life community group at  wellwomanlife.com/facebook (http://wellwomanlife.com/facebook)

The Well Woman Show is thankful for the support from Natural Awakenings Magazine in New Mexico and High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque.

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