194 Just Giovanna: Working from Home with Kids

On the Well Woman Show this month, I talk about how working from home with kids magnifies the inequities in our systems and families and I share 6 tips for making this all work for the next few weeks.

"It is true that a crisis, and in this case, a global health pandemic, shows us our truth. It shines a spotlight on the weaknesses in our systems, shows us who our leaders really are, and magnifies the inequities in our personal relationships."

With these systems issues in mind, here are a few practical tips for making this all work for the next few weeks:

Start your day with a routine: whether that is exercise, meditation, reading or journaling, find what works for you to maintain a sense of feeling grounded. Then, extend that to the kids. Have a routine for them in the morning to include breakfast, chores, and reading or free time. Flexibility is key.

Redefine productivity: You may need to lower your expectations because you will not be as productive as you are used to because of the added stress and having the kids at home.

Nourish yourself and your kids: eat what make your body feels good, move your body or even work up a sweat by walking in nature, and carve out some time every day to do something you love, like curling up with a book and a cup of tea or take a hot bath and get enough sleep. For the kids, this is their free time to choose what they love.

Delegate: if you’re a pro at this, then, by all means, pull out your best delegation strategies. If you’re newer and have trouble setting boundaries or delegating, then now is the time to start.

Connect with the community (online, text) and family: set up a time to call grandparents and family. Set up group chats with friends.

Be of service: whether in your work or in your community, how can you serve others? Journal about this and then do one thing. Ask the kids how they can help their neighbors or family members.

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