182 Just Giovanna: How to NOT Get Derailed By The People Closest to You

This week on The Well Woman Show, we are discussing how to NOT get derailed by the people closest to you when you are in transition. It might be difficult for people close to you to relate to your transformation. When you are emerging, awakening, transforming, your identity is shifting and that will not be comfortable for some people whose own identity relies on you staying the same as they\'ve known you.

We discuss give tips to help you

1. What people say is about them not you.

2. What you say is about you, not them.

3. Give some people space and not rely on getting your needs met by them.

4. Give yourself space.

5. The 4 R\'s: Reevaluate, then reaffirm, rearrange, or release.

All the information shared today can be found at the show notes at wellwomanlife.com/182show

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