Mortgages and Divorce

In this episode, Tamsin interviews mortgage expert Daniel Bell about all things mortgage related. How do you work out how much you can borrow, what can you then spend on a property, what do you need to take into account. Director of Financial Planning and Chartered Financial Planner Tamsin Caine has a strong background of over 15 years within the financial services profession. She began Smart Divorce following her own experience with divorce; she now advises people in the same situation as she once was, enabling them to take back control of their life and finances. Smart Divorce website is Contact her by email Bell is a mortgage broker at Bell Financial Solutions based in Altrincham, South Manchester. Trusted by clients across the Northwest he can help you achieve your financial goals  and find the most suitable financial solutions for you based on your circumstances.Daniel is proud to provide clients across South Manchester and beyond with comprehensive and well-explained, financial mortgage advice, suited to their needs.By searching lenders right across the mortgage market, he can find a mortgage suited to your needs and provide a wealth of expertise & knowledge throughout your personal finance journey.You can contact Daniel at or by calling 0161 791 4757. Support the show (

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