Is my long-term relationship normal? (Pt 1)

Hello friends, We are back in your ears for another deep dive episode!This week we were toooo ambitious with our time (classic!) so we have decided to turn this ep into a two-part series, and we're focusing all things long-term relationships. After the honeymoon period the dust begins to settle, our serotonin + dopamine  regulates back to normal, our desire for sex with our partner changes, their annoying habits emerge and the cracks of monotony begin to show. All this often leaves us feeling a bit *bleh*We may compare our new found monotony to other's relationship, and wonder, is my relationship reallllly all that great? In this episode, we bust some myths around LT relationships to understand and normalise some very human phases + experiences to go through with your partner.  We explore fantasising about others, fighting fair + how to cope when you don't get along with your partners friends or family. Because there is so much left to say, we will be back in a few weeks to finish part two. We hope you enjoy!Aimee + KatThe Psychology Sisters Instagram: Psych Collaborative website: Psych Collaborative instagram this episode is for informational purposes only and does not replace personalised psychological advice. Lifeline: 13 11 14 

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