Michael Dunn - Kundalini, Psychedelics & Enlightenment

Today's guest is Michael Dunn, a friend, hatha yoga and tantra teacher of mine, and founder of Intosamadhi, offering intensive retreats around the world. In this conversation we dive into his two decades of experience in spirituality, and try to answer some of the most asked questions on Kundalini, psychedelics and what it means to be enlightened. Timeline:00:32 - Intro03:26 - Michael's story 08:20 - Dangers of practicing alone 11:20 - Refining your understanding13:44 - Searching for the Indian guru 17:40 - What is Kundalini Yoga?23:28 - Why not just meditate? 28:13 - Practice changes over time30:03 - Adyashanti's teachings34:23 - Letting go of the beginner's mindset38:06 - Personnalizing practice44:20 - What is Enlightenment? 55:50 - The curse of Awakening59:26 - Disguised mental illness1:03:15 - Using psychedelics to go deeper1:07:44 - Words of caution 1:11:45 - Evolution of substance use1:15:08 - Importance of intention 1:20:23 - Shamanism and Ayahuasca1:23:37 - 5-MeO-DMT  1:26:18 - No shortcuts on the path 1:33:55 - Advice to his younger self1:36:50 - Work with MichaelWork with Michael:http://intosamadhi.com Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/newearthdonations)

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