Luciano Armani - Meditation, Discipline & Brain Chemistry

Luciano Armani has been a dedicated yogi for almost 15 years, having relentlessly studied and practiced in the fields of Hatha Yoga, classical tantra, Kashmir Shaivism, shamanism and more.In this conversation, he shares with us some insights on meditation practice, and why it is the most important thing for him, and how to set up daily disciplined habits. Finally, we also explore the real reason behind addiction, depression and procrastination: brain chemistry. Timeline: 00:00 - Intro02:08 - His story with yoga04:00 - The importance of meditation07:21 - Which type of meditation is best14:02 - Struggles with daily discipline19:08 - Brain chemistry and passivity 24:00 - Becoming a man of action 30:25 - How to quit addictive behaviors40:40 - Rewards of meditation 44:10 - Integration 47:11 - Music meditation for beginners51:23 - Coping mechanisms54:02 - Creating new positive cycles54:47 - Being honest with yourself 58:59 - ConclusionMusic credit: Bensound Support the show (

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