Justine Baruch - Integration, Accountability & Empowerment

Our guest for today is  Justine Baruch, both a friend and tantra teacher of mine, as well as a life coach to many. In this conversation, she opens up about her challenges and breakthroughs along the path, and together we dig deep into her core philosophy: one of integration, accountability and empowerment.Timeline: 00:00 - Intro01:50 - Her journey06:34 - The shadow of the savior 10:54 - Honest reflections 12:32 - Importance of sexuality 16:00 - Keeping the sex alive in a relationship21:30 - Smartphone addiction 32:06 - Integration36:06 - 3 main teachers 41:30 - The Work of Byron Katie48:58 - Accountability & Empowerment 50:20 - Victim, Oppressor & Savior Triangle56:20 - Intimate Transformation Intensive1:01:56 - Advise to your old self 1:04:28 - Work with Justine Go to http://www.justinebaruch.com Music credit: Bensound Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/paypalme2/newearthdonations)

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