Ananya Harvey - Spirituality, Men & Sex

Today my guest is my dear friend Ananya Harvey, a relationship and sexuality coach, and founder of the Next Level Love. Together we spend time re-living her life story, going from Western science to Eastern spirituality, and now integrating both in her work with men.  Timeline:00:25 - Intro00:18 - Her story04:22 - Shallow relationships05:12 - Burning Man06:30 - Psychology 09:05 - Saying yes to life  15:55 - First Tantra workshop18:40 - A new life 20:00 - Beginner's fears 22:00 - Benefits of yoga24:15 - Enjoying practice26:27 - Masculine vs Feminine practice30:28 - Sexual healing35:28 - Becoming a coach39:35 - Working with men44:10 - What men crave46:43 - Pornography53:40 - Men want deep connection56:07 - Masculine power1:01:15 - Coaching leaders1:04:35 - Her approach to coaching1:10:30 - Advice to her younger self1:12:25 - Work with herhttps://www.thenextlevellove.comJOIN THE COMMUNITY the show (

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