Daily Temperature Reading ft Kaylyn Hudson

On this episode of Relationship RealTalk Alphonso and Kaylyn  go over one of Live the Life's most used tools: the Daily Temperature Reading (DTR). The DTR is basically a menu for discussion which provides a way for couples to connect and bond. We start with appreciations to get that dopamine flowing in our brains then it takes you through other important topics such as new information and constructive ways to ask our partner to do something different: complaints with requests for change.  All of the steps in the DTR are scientifically proven to produce bonding in a couple, but you can also use this with friends, kids or coworkers! As Kaylyn and Alphonso go over each step and give real life examples of each section you'll see how easy it really is to do. To find out more information on the DTR and more of our marriage tools be sure to visit our website www.livethelife.org

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