Fixing ED: Why We Started NovoWave

All right, and today we are talking about the NOVOWave origin, right? NOVOWave. A lot of you guys have seen it, you've heard about it, you've seen the YouTube videos, but I want to talk to you a little bit today about how we actually got into doing this, right? 
It's a pretty cool origin story, so I think you need to hear this. All right?
About three years ago, we started the company as an anti-aging company. We were doing a few things, anti-aging. We were doing cryo, ], some Botox, a few other modalities, and eventually worked into what's known now as NOVOWave, right?
I was actually listening to a podcast, in a car, I was on my way back, this is when everything changed for Novus. I was listening to a podcast, on my way back from Laguna Beach, I had three hours to kill and the podcast speaker had a guest on. And this guest gets on and starts talking about this revolutionary treatment that he did with this clinic down in Florida. And he's like, "I did this shockwave treatment," and he's like, "Everything's good with me downstairs, but they said it could make it better."
And it also helps guys, and fixes, and reverses erectile dysfunction. Ding, ding, ding. I'm so interested in this, I got to know because it's all natural. He started saying, "It's all natural, there's no side effects, there's no downtime." 
And I listened to the podcast, and I listened to this guy, rant for an hour about this thing. I got back to the clinic, I told my staff about it, and I was so excited, and the girls were, they looked at each other and they're like, "This guy's crazy. There's no way this is real."

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