Austin Wolff Reveals The Secret To A Super Penis

Why does NOVO P-SHOT help you get bigger, fuller erections? It’s because soundwave therapy and PRP create something called… ANGIOGENESIS.

Angiogenesis is the real reason you get bigger, fuller erections with the NOVO P-Shot. When NOVOWave creates micro-trauma in the blood vessels of the penis, they grow stronger, and grow more blood vessels, creating more blood flow to the area. And then PRP is like “sprinkling miracle grow” on top of that. It’s similar to how your muscles grow when you lift weights. Working out tears them down, not too much to cause injury but just enough to make them grow bigger and stronger. And then the PRP works as “growth factors” to make it grow even stronger. Kind of like drinking a high-protein shake right after your workout, but if that protein skipped the stomach and went straight to the muscle for even bigger gains. That’s what NOVOWave and the P-Shot do. It’s like “taking your dick to the gym,” and then “injecting miracle grow.” And don’t worry, it’s completely safe! Angiogenesis is the scientific reason behind why men end up with better erections than they’ve ever had after NOVOWave, PRP, or Exosomes.

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