8. I Analyzed The FDA Approval Process And Here's Why I'm Pissed (References Included)

"That's great but is it FDA Approved?" You may have asked yourself this a few times before.  But what Austin Wolff reveals in this episode is that "FDA Approval" is a bit more complex than you think, and why you should re-think what FDA Approval actually means for your safety.  References included in the Show Notes below.

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Show Notes:
*Median Cost of a Clinical Study to Become FDA Approved is $19 Million:

*What the FDA Actually Approves:

*"Does it Require FDA Approval" Cheat Sheet:

*Pharmaceutical clinical trials leaving out trial "endpoints" to make the data surrounding their dug to appear more safe and more effective than it actually is:

FDA Approval Doesn't Actually Mean That Much, Other Than Most People Will Be Safe And The "Relative Benefits Outweigh The Risks":

The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

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