5. Different Levels of Proof - What Coronavirus Claims And Exosomes Should Teach You

After seeing many claims about coronavirus and its origins and possible treatments, I realized how stupid people were.  It's always infuriated me to see people think and act without a scientific and logical foundation.  If humanity is going to move forward, it has to use logic.  Logic is the only thing that has pushed science, health, and the state of humanity forward.  When hard logic didn't rule, that was called the Dark Ages.  

I was specifically infuriated when a doctor was gaining traction by thinking coronavirus was an exosome, and the only foundation he had to this claim was that they looked the same.  It turns out this doctor had a big following of conspiracy theorists.  Also he was just wrong, a virus and an exosome look similar by nature, it's how microvesicles work, but they are very different.

So today's episode is how to think like a Scientific Skeptic and question the claims made by everyone around you, including me.  If I don't provide you a study in the show notes, question where my claim comes from.  

Show Notes:

Level 1: 3rd Party, Story Based, Result Happened 1 Time

Level 2: 3rd Party, Story Based, Result Happened Many Times From Different Parties

Level 3: 1st Person, Vision Based, Result Happened Once

Level 4: 1st Person, Vision Based, Result Happened Many Times, Repeatable In Your Controlled Setting. A scientific hypothesis and current framework, proven through past results.

Level 5 (the only one that can actually prove something, the GOLD STANDARD): Scientific Study, Results Were Repeated In A Controlled Setting

If you want to go deep into Level 5 evidence, look up the EBM Pyramid: https://guides.lib.uci.edu/ebm/pyramid

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