4. Icing Your Testicles with Nootropics Master Lucas Aoun

We interviewed Lucan Aoun, one of the original pioneers of the icing testicle technique and a master of nootropics and peptides. Listen to find out the exact techniques and reasons why you should start icing your testicles today, and what nootropics you should be taking for a competitive mental edge!
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Nootropics for dopamine enhancement.
----> 9-MBC -----> https://www.ergogenichealth.com.au/product/9-mbc 
----> BPC-157
----> Uridine Monophosphate.
----> BrainX ----> https://www.brainx.me/
----> Homotaurine.
----> Cistanche Tubulosa -----> https://www.ergogenichealth.com.au/product/cistanche 

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