1. She Healed Her Fractured Hand WITHOUT Surgery Using Exosomes and BPC-157 - Stephanie Wolff's Story

Stephanie Wolff, P.A.-C, fractured her hand doing crossfit.  Her orthopedic doctor told her she'd need surgery soon or her bone would disintegrate.  But Stephanie owned her own anti-aging and regenerative medicine clinic.  She's seen miracles with peptides, stem cells, and exosomes, so she decided she would heal her hand and regenerate the bones in her hand herself (don't try this at home without supervision of an expert like Stephanie).  Within 6 weeks she was completely healed.  By the 8th week, her X-ray technician couldn't even see where the fracture was in her hand... See how she defied "old medicine" and completely healed her hand WITHOUT surgery using Modern Biotechnology.

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