Tahira Taqi on Transforming a West Tulsa Neighborhood

We’ve invited Tahira Taqi back to talk about her work as the Senior Project Manager for Urban Strategies on the Eugene Field choice neighborhood project here in Tulsa.
Tahira will give us all the details, but, in short, within 5 years, 25 acres of land will be cleared and rebuilt, as the Tulsa Housing Authority carries out the mandate of the $30 million federal grant to transform the neighborhood on the west side of the Arkansas River.
The plans call for a mix of apartment styles, built around a neighborhood designed for walking, with a 5-acre park and a grocery store. The housing authority residents who are moving out during reconstruction will have the first chance to return once it's done.
Tahira is here to give us behind-the-scenes details about the project. And we asked Mark Davis to host this episode for two reasons. One is that he is the Association’s Chief Programs Officer. The other is because he once lived in an apartment complex in the Eugene Field neighborhood. And Mark understands the challenges people have faced there for decades.

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