Part Two: Mike Brose Reflects on Association History - The Middle Years

"The enormous pride that we've had to be, really, a national leader in housing, a national leader in employment of people who live in recovery and have them be important and valuable members of the team, be a part of our family. I mean, that gets to the heart and soul of Mental Health Association Oklahoma." -- Mike Brose
Listen to part two of our multi-part series featuring the Association’s longtime CEO, Mike Brose, as he looks back on the history of the Mental Health Association.
In this episode, Mike will share behind-the-scenes stories of how the Association was able to develop sustainable and affordable housing solutions for ending homelessness.
Mike also talks about how employment is treatment.
In addition, Mike explores the history of the Association’s suicide prevention initiatives, including Question, Persuade, Refer better known statewide as QPR.
To honor Mike’s 27 years with the Association - and to support our ongoing statewide mission - donate and listen to episode one today at Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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