Part One: Mike Brose Reflects on Association History - The Early Days

"It occurred to me really early on that you don't get this job -- you're entrusted with this job"
- Mike Brose, CEO of Mental Health Association Oklahoma

Listen to episode one of "Mike Brose Reflects of Association History," our new multi-part series featuring the Association’s longtime CEO, Mike Brose, looking back on the history of the Mental Health Association dating back to 1955. 

Mike announced his retirement in late 2019 and he's talked about recording this oral history of the organization ever since. Now that his retirement nears, Mike took time out to discuss, among other things, how tragedies in his own life led him to become a social worker. Mike also talks about the father of our housing program, Bill Packard.

To honor Mike’s 27 years with the Association -- and support our ongoing statewide mission -- donate today at Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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