Kristy K. Boone: Connectivation & Resilience

Today our guest is Kristy K. Boone. Kristy is from Oklahoma City but she’s kindly come to Tulsa to record this episode in our studio.
Kristy’s primary passion is teaching others how to communicate with empathy and authenticity in a digital age. Her passion also translates into her corporate interactive workshops, adapting improv-based exercises. Kristy is also a professional improviser, actor, writer and badass. I added the badass part to her bio.
On this episode, Kristy’s going to explain how improv soothes anxiety and builds resilience, something we could all benefit from.

She’s also going to give you tips on how to be a better co-worker by realizing that the secret of thriving in any workplace is compassion. But that’s a lot easier said than done, so Kristy has an amazing two-hour Connectivation training she’s offered to businesses of various sizes and even nonprofits like Mental Health Association Oklahoma.
During her Connectivation training here at the Association, Kristy highlighted areas in which our staff could interject improv to improve their work lives and beyond. I’ve never heard people rave more about an All Staff training like that one.

I’m excited she’ll be presenting a 90-minute version of the Connectivation training at our Zarrow Mental Health Symposium coming up October 3 & 4 in Tulsa. This year’s theme is RESILIENCE. RECOVERY. RETHINK MENTAL HEALTH. Register at

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